Limitless. Boundless. Timeless.

The New Totem SKY

Instrument of beauty

Discover the timeless 100% naturally sounding FOREST

The infinite worlds of spatial sonority

With its innovative design, incredible sound extension and overall coherence, the Totem Forest allows you to discover beautiful harmonics that open up to infinite worlds of spatial sonority.

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Above and beyond

Discover on-wall magic with the TRIBE III

Power and flexibility

With cutting-edge, patented technology, the Tribe III is amongst the slimmest wall speakers available, offering a brocade of rich harmonics with world-leading all-axis dispersion and frequency range.

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Feel the power

Discover the not so mini KIN Mini

Feel the music

Born from radical thinking, the KIN Mini is an ultra-compact marvel. Its state-of-the-art, integrated components are boxed into a simple, space-friendly unit that performs magnificently, whatever its in-room location.

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Go inside the music

Infinite architecture applications with the KIN

Infinite applications

Made for in-wall performance, the KIN’s sound precision and full spectrum projection allows for a deeper emotional connection with the music. The KIN’s non-shifting image, on-or off-axis, stands clear and defined no matter where one stands in the room.

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Emotion generator

Discover absolute bass with the TRIBE Sub

Unleash the bass

Discover the most innovative subwoofer ever. Period. With its sleek design and dazzling performance, the Tribe Sub is filled with bass power. Astonishingly high output levels and low frequency spectrum make the Tribe Sub awe-inspiring.

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