Discover the new TOTEM KIN for a total In-Wall and In-Ceiling experience.

Totem is proud to introduce the new KIN SERIES. The runaway success of the TRIBE In-Wall and In-Ceiling proved beyond any doubt that emotional and musical sound could be achieved from enclosed architectural speakers. With the KIN, our challenge was to create an even more compact and affordable version that would keep on revolutionizing architectural sound applications.

To accomplish this high level scenario, advanced radical material and construction techniques were systematically tested, developed and further employed to achieve this lofty ambition. Using revolutionary materials that minimize crossover parts while maximizing the overall integrity and quality, the KIN is a true alternative for In-Wall/In-Ceiling solutions.

Made with interrelated proprietary woofers and tweeters, like the high-performance MHEX cone woofers and the hyper extending dome tweeters, the KIN offers accurate sound staging phase correctness.

In conjunction with the TRIBE In Wall/In Room Subwoofers The KIN is capable of outperforming pricy freestanding speakers. Fit for any musical genre, the KIN’s sound precision and full spectrum projection, allows for a deeper emotional connection with the music. Designed to expand the musical experience, the new KIN is truly an authentic TOTEM speaker .

Features of the KIN

  • All enclosed one-piece wood construction with high quality painted back box
  • Steel buttressed front facade
  • Streamlined lightweight architecture
  • Ultra slim grill frame with super flat cushioned grill
  • Outer rear dampening brace
  • Rear-wire management channels and bi-wire gold-plated terminals
  • High-torque TRIBE angled wall clamps for an even structural tension
  • High-linear compliance, optimally tuned passive radiators incorporating Mica-loaded polypropylene Diaphragms. (For LCR and In-Ceiling)


  • Twin 4-Inch high performance die cast aluminum frames woofers
  • Multilayer MHEX cones with extreme non-resonant rigidity and structural strength
  • Super light characteristics and huge transient capabilities
  • Each single 4-inch cone can hold up to over 50 kg load
  • MHEX cones are made of multiple layers of Phenolic Honeycomb and woven synthetics
  • Pure Flat frequency response in critical 100 to 2.5 kHz


  • 20 mm (3/4 inch)soft dome with high excursion capabilities
  • Absolutely linear (flat) and articulate to an extreme 40 kHz
  • Chambered, neodymium activated
  • Super low 750 Hz resonance frequency


  • Minimum usage of crossover parts
  • Extreme quality, ½ pound (225 g) Litz Copper Air Core Coil Woofer Inductor
  • PP Foil Capacitor with Sterling Silver Leads to tweeter
  • Revolutionary absence of any resistor in the KIN crossover circuit
  • Easy impedance 6 ohm load (8 ohm in woofer range)

KIN In-Wall (LCR)

Width: 6” (152 mm) Height: 25 3/8“ (648 mm) Depth: 3 ¾“ (95 mm) Frequency Response: 67 Hz – 40 kHz ± 3 dB Efficiency: 91 dB

KIN In-Ceiling

Width: 12 7/8” (325 mm) Height: 12 7/8” (325 mm) Depth: 4 ¾“ (120.5 mm) Frequency Response: 65 Hz – 40 kHz ± 3 dB Efficiency: 92 dB

KIN Side/Center In-Wall

Width: 6” (152 mm) Height: 14 1/8” (359 mm) Depth: 3 ¾“ (95 mm) Frequency Response: 80 Hz – 40 kHz ± 3 dB Efficiency: 89 dB


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