The new Forest Signature from Totem is the pure result of balanced engineering and passionate design. This ultra-performance columnar loudspeaker radiates superb musicality for both stereo and multi-channel listening.

The Forest Signature is at once a celebration and culmination of the Forest evolution. From its inception, the Forest became an enduring favorite amongst true audiophiles. Over the last 15 years it has undergone subtle sequential evolutionary changes and updates. But time makes leaps and bounds. The new Forest Signature is a transcendent upgrade in every aspect, from its critical components to final acoustic performance.

Designed to transcend time, the Forest Signature stands tall in the speaker realm. It offers unparalleled musicality and spatial imaging while faithfully rendering subtleness and attack/decay harmonics.

The Forest Signature comes with a Polyester multi-coat lustrous finish on Rift Cherry veneer or Ribbon Stripe Mahogany veneer. The clear polyester finish gives the underlying wood veneers a lush, translucent dimensionality, exemplifying its singular status.

The cabinet versus floor decoupling is now accomplished via a black aluminum enameled Totem Skid Plate and Front Articulated Claw. This allows for substantial variable raking of the cabinet in relation to the floor’s perpendicularity. The variable rake angle of the Forest Signature allows for optimal bass loading and phase/space articulation. Its micro-machined Bi-Wired W.B.T. terminals are composed of robustly machined, black anodized and annealed aluminum back plate.

In conjunction with its adjustable rake angle, the Forest Signature’s crossover is customized with micro-precision to seamlessly maximize its overall architectural performance. Other premium features include superlative quality parts such as Clarity MR non-resonant capacitors, ESA and Super Audio variants, as well as Orange Drop bypasses, oxide/metal foil resistors and massive air-core inductors.

All Forest Signature woofers and tweeters are individually inspected, measured and tested using Totem’s own exceptional quality procedures. We firmly believe the Forest Signature is an absolute statement with excellent design and ideal audio performance.


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