Introducing the Element Series

The new Totem Element Series expresses perfect balance between form, function, art and technology. Streamlined for any musical genre, it conveys conviction, honesty and ease while offering enormous scale and presence. Revolutionary in its conception, the Element Series is a true evolutionary step in sound design.

The Element Series presents powerful elemental combinations. In nature, five vital elements interact cyclically: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Just as they form intriguing inter-relationships with one another, this new Totem Element Series sets the pace.

Design features

  • Unique architectural design and geometric conception
  • Stunning multi-angled chassis
  • Available in gleaming, luxurious, 4-coat polyester finishes
  • Custom designed & machined aluminum terminal back plates
  • Variably adjustable “center front claw”

Technical features

  • 7-inch Torrent™ hand-assembled drivers
  • Fabulous platinum W.B.T. connectors (bi-wireable)
  • Revolutionary magnetic field technology
  • No active or passive cross-over parts in the woofer section
  • Fully rear-damped 7-inch cone


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