The Magical Metal V2

AudioVideo Online from Russia has proclaimed the Element Metal V2 as the winner of its Editor’s Choice award.

Any review featuring a Totem speaker equipped with our proprietary Torrent technology contains effusive praise about the low frequency ability.  “Immediate acceleration and instant deceleration,” and “the room presence of a live double bass” are but two of the many compliments bestowed upon the 7” Torrent woofers.

The Metal V2 is notable for much more than its Torrent woofers and exquisite bass.  The high frequencies and midrange are equally lauded as being “uncommonly natural”, “extremely convincing”, and construct a “crisp articulation.”  As incredible as the drivers may be, what makes a speaker truly special is being greater than the sum of its parts.  To that note the reviewer eloquently summarized the listening experience as “It is as if these are not speakers at all, but some kind of magical musical instrument that perfectly produces all the ingredients assigned to it.”

Playing a full frequency range while sounding like a true musical instrument is what all speakers strive for, but precious few provide.  Fewer still provide this holy grail “extremely elegantly,” with geometrically unique cabinet design and luxurious finish.  Audition the magical, award winning Element Metal V2 today.

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