Fascinating mixture of Unique Character and Simply Good Sound

The internet is full of rave reviews for Totem speakers.  Now reviews for Totem amplifiers are proliferating on the web as well.  Germany’s hifitest.de open their review with the title Magic Box, and while it might leave no mystery for the article’s direction, we greatly appreciate the sentiment.

Harmonizing amplification and speakers ensures Totem’s captivating listening experience.  KIN Amp’s magic is not limited to Totem speakers however, as they tested it with a variety of competitive bookshelf and tower speakers.  While we naturally prefer the synchronicity between our amps and speakers, we are nonetheless glad that we can improve sound universally.  And perhaps gain some followers in the process.

The reviewer appreciated KIN Amp’s simple yet sophisticated design and wealth of features, particularly raving about the inclusion and quality of the dedicated phono section.  He summarizes his review by describing KIN Amp as “A thoroughly equipped, technically clean, and impressive sounding full range amplifier for well under CHF 1,000 ($US699)– do I have to say more?”

Appreciate every note and nuance expressed in vivid holography with the KIN Amp.

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