Pushing the Clear Boundaries of Physics

HiFi Lautsprecher from Germany falls for the KIN Play

Reviewers around the world are falling for the charm of the KIN Play active bluetooth speakers. Here’s a sample of the effusive praise they:

*The KIN Play delivers a surprisingly lively and dynamic impression, one you would hardly have expected due to the handy dimensions of the small active monitor…pushing the clear boundaries of physics, playing very deep and clear, even at maximum volume. Playing voices and acoustic instruments may be the active speaker’s greatest skill, creating them with very natural properties. Sounds expressive in all levels and tones; the spatial information of is reproduced startlingly realistically from the KIN Play. Be it music from a cd player, streamer, smartphone, Tablet PC or even turntable: The KIN Play pleases with balanced sound, the finest workmanship, and simplicity.


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