“Killer Little System”

The sensational reviews keep pouring in for KIN Play, the latest coming from Soundstage!Simplifi:

*Not only are Totem Acoustic’s Kin Plays easy to set up and use, they delivered amazing sound for their asking price of $999/pair. Per Vince Bruzzese’s claim, the Kin play is every cubic inch a Totem, with the speed, articulation, and spacious sound for which the brand is famous. Given the huge soundstages they threw, I don’t think it’s a stretch to call them “spatially outrageous.” In short, the Kin Plays are a wonderful way for music lovers to discover -or rediscover- the joys of high fidelity. Add a source component, and you’ve got a killer little stereo system. *
Audition a pair today and you’ll be convinced to find them a place in your home.


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