Totem Element Fire V2 Loudspeaker Receives The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award

If you’re looking for a bookshelf speaker that punches well above its weight, look no further than the Totem Element Fire V2. “For a modest-sized monitor that plays much bigger than it looks, it’s hard to do better than the second generation of Totem Acoustic’s Element Fire stand-mount.” says Andrew Quint of The Absolute Sound. […]

Powerful Presence and Outstanding Sound

While Totem is proudly Canadian, the generous appreciation is consistently global.  The latest admiration and praise come from Taiwan where Leo Yeh of My HiEnd online magazine reviewed the revered Forest Signature. While an admirer of the performance and value of the original Forest, the significant upgrades in the crossover, finish, decoupling system, and even […]

Speakers for the Masses

The method in which music is delivered is just as important as the sound quality.  Audiophiles are happy to dedicate whatever space is required and connect premium electronics to attain their preferred performance level.  Minimalists who favor stark interior design prefer the stealthy approach of architectural speakers that are heard and not seen.   The masses […]

Way Too Good To Be True

Jay Lee, lead reviewer and founder of NBT Studio, acknowledged that this review took longer than most, but for very good reason.   Every time he listened to the remarkable Totem Acoustic Element Metal V2  speakers, he found something new that he felt was noteworthy. He also admits however that he also simply didn’t want to […]

Fire V2 Brings Reviewer to Tears

Dutch site FWD fell hard for the rapturous influence of the Element Fire V2. The reviewer greatly appreciated many of the venerable Fire V2’s abilities and gifts.  The raves start with how the Fire V2 stimulates the eye with the impeccable finish of the luxuriant Dusk finish and captivating shape.  The acoustic impression even stronger.  […]

Physics-Defying Speakers

Jay Lee of NBT Studios wanted to review the celebrated Tribe Tower so badly that he bought a pair.  He initially thought he might sell them afterwards to recoup some costs but soon realized he couldn’t and wouldn’t.  He preferred the Tribe Tower above all others he had ever encountered. Tribe Towers are a study […]

The Magical Metal V2

AudioVideo Online from Russia has proclaimed the Element Metal V2 as the winner of its Editor’s Choice award. Any review featuring a Totem speaker equipped with our proprietary Torrent technology contains effusive praise about the low frequency ability.  “Immediate acceleration and instant deceleration,” and “the room presence of a live double bass” are but two […]

Fascinating mixture of Unique Character and Simply Good Sound

The internet is full of rave reviews for Totem speakers.  Now reviews for Totem amplifiers are proliferating on the web as well.  Germany’s open their review with the title Magic Box, and while it might leave no mystery for the article’s direction, we greatly appreciate the sentiment. Harmonizing amplification and speakers ensures Totem’s captivating […]

5 Recommended Tracks To Get You Through the Winter

Looking for music to cheer you up on a cold, overcast winter day? We’ve selected these tracks not just because we love the music & the lyrics – each track is brilliantly engineered and capable of showcasing the full dynamic potential of your system. Totem uses these tracks regularly for voicing and testing new products, […]

Looking like David but acting like Goliath

The Tribe Tower is a study in contrasts.  Its gorgeous from every geometric angle and supermodel slim yet demonstrates startlingly potent bass ability and gigantic projection.  It makes the mind wrestle to make sense of what it sees and subsequently hears.  This is why this reviewer so aptly described Tribe Tower as “looking like David […]


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