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Bison Monitor

“Tight, quick bass handling, superb midrange definition and sparkling detail result in a sound that is always enjoyable and often eye-opening when weighted against the cabinet size and price tag. Consider it proof that good things really can come in small packages.”

Mark Craven, Hi-Fi News

Bison Twin Tower

“At no time did my ears or brain ever tire of the music being played by these speakers; it was all enjoyment all the time. There is such a musical coherence and correctness to the music when played through these speakers that my ears simply heard music. I heard 3D soundstage effects and low-level details in the record I had never heard before. The Totem Bison Twin Tower speakers portrayed enough of the bass energy, soundstage activity, and multitracked synthesizer sounds to enable me to fully experience this album. The Totem Bison Twin Towers will give you more than what you paid for and will reward you for continued listening in the long run. They will give you articulate, coherent, and engaging sound in a well-crafted and attractive enclosure.”

– Gene Hopstetter, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

Bison Monitor

“Where the Bison Monitor excels – and where it lives up to Totem Acoustic’s ‘luxury bookshelf’ moniker – is with its really rather exceptional imaging ability and mid-range resolution. It crafts a wide, open soundstage where elements are precisely placed, always natural-sounding and not fighting for space. And the speakers themselves become almost invisible, so your focus is on the sounds they’re making, and not the units themselves.”

– Mark Craven, Home Cinema Choice

Bison Monitor

“The Bison has all the qualities you’ll need from an audiophile speaker but in a smaller footprint… The sound of the (up to) 21 strings and the drone was clear on the Bisons. Quite an achievement for such a small, reasonable speaker from such a complex, unique instrument… The soundstage on both Shankar and Stravinsky was wide and deep and filled the medium-sized room. Monitor imaging was as expected. Precise… They look good, sound splendid, can take gobs of power, and have a natural, engaging sound in all genres. Recommended.”

– Anthony Kershaw, Audiophilia

Bison Tower

“The Totem Bison Tower speakers delivered on all aspects of this newly-released audiophile recording [Eric Clapton’s “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out”]. The bass was clear and noticeable, the acoustic guitar sounded natural, not too sweet, and the piano sounded realistic. All of this while you could easily close your eyes and imagine the musicians are right there in front of you. Out of the box, they sound great and really deliver sound that I think many audiophiles will be very satisfied to have as part of their system for a long time to come.”

– Andrew Dewhirst, Future Audiophile

Bison Twin Tower

“This pair of loudspeakers has excellent dynamics and power. They offer a bass that is both powerful and well controlled. Here is a pair of floor standing loudspeakers that are practically faultless. Thanks to a smart and well-informed design, they prove that it is possible to locally manufacture high-level loudspeakers and offer them at a reasonable price.”

Jean-Denis Doyle, Tendances Electroniques & Design

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Discover the Power of Torrent

Totem's Exclusive Torrent Driver Technology

Never listen to sound that is unremarkable ever again. Our Torrent drivers were engineered to break the boundaries of sonic performance. This unique technology completely redefines the traditional structure of the loudspeaker driver. The result is the most immersive and deeply musical experience you will ever hear.

Totem Architectural Speakers

Totem Architectural Speakers

Experiencing remarkable sound doesn’t mean that your space has to be filled with large speaker cabinets. Totem offers a wide selection of best-in-class in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that neatly disappear into your living environment.