Totem Launches KIN Monitor Bookshelf Speakers

Totem Acoustic proudly introduces the KIN Monitor compact monitor loudspeaker; The latest addition to Totem’s entry level KIN Series. The KIN Monitor replaces the KIN Mini, a micro-monitor that possessed a different design, and it certainly doesn’t follow in the steps of

its  predecessor. Available in a physically larger, more rigid cabinet and capable of handling much more power, the KIN Monitor will  effortlessly meet the expectations presented to a larger loudspeaker: deeper bass response, increased efficiency and the ability to play much louder.

The KIN Monitor drivers were carefully selected for their ability to create a harmonious interaction, resulting in virtually perfect phase response – the most critical hallmark of Totem’s sonic signature – and provides a three dimensional, holographic like soundstage. The KIN Monitor is equipped with a 1” metal alloy dome tweeter for airy, detailed, lifelike highs and a customized 4” natural hybrid woofer for powerful, fast, musical bass. Finally, there is a micro port in each cabinet to provide the ultimate in fine tuning by perfecting bass response and expanding the 3D soundstage. Pairing with the new KIN AMP creates a synergy that elevates the KIN Monitor loudspeaker to its fullest potential.

In closing, Lucy Lentini Totem’s VP of Sales & Marketing, states that “The KIN Monitor demographic has a moderate budget, wants a speaker that easily integrates wherever it must be placed, and will thoroughly infuse Totem performance throughout today’s open concept architecture. Kin Monitor is another audio solution by Totem that defies conventional thinking and pushes engineering boundaries.”

KIN Monitor Design Features:

• A customized 4” natural hybrid woofer, composed of paper for its acoustical advantages and reinforced with a polymer.
• 1” dome tweeter made of a metal alloy, based on that of the Rainmaker and the award winning
• Nominal Impedance: 6 ohms
• Recommended power: 20 – 100 watts with 89dB efficiency
• Frequency Response: 65Hz – 22KHz ± 3dB with a first order crossover frequency at 2.5 kHz.
• Available finishes satin black and satin white.
• Dimensions (w x h x d): 5.11”/13 cm x 10.62”/27 cm x 7.48”/19 cm
• Weight 8.25lbs / 3.74Kg each.

The KIN Monitor is available now with an MSRP of $699.00 USD.


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