Totem Introduces Tribe Duo and Tribe Trio Solution Bars

Neither sound nor style is compromised!

The legendary Tribe series expands its range and versatility with Solution Bars. Truly a best of both worlds’ scenario, Solution bars possess the cosmetic appeal of active sound bars but their passive design permits outboard amplifiers to be connected for substantially superior performance. Thus, true to Totem form, they are pleasing to the critical eye of a designer and excite the ear of the music, movie and gaming enthusiast. Neither sound nor style is compromised with a Totem tribe Solution Bar.

Tribe Solution Bars cosmetically match flat screens however they are not limited to just video applications. Despite their slim chassis they provide full range, dynamic sound and encompass Totem Acoustic’s signature enormous soundstage and accurate phase coherency. The Tribe Duo Solution Bar is two channel design in a sealed cabinet while the Tribe Trio Solution Bar is a three channel LCR in a ported enclosure. Both models are sized to fit screens 65” and larger. Their low- profile design and included flush mount wall bracket make them ideal for on-wall installations. As well, should either solution bar be placed directly on furniture or a mantle, adhesive backed sound isolation feet are provided.

Solution Bars Design Features:

• Long throw 4” woofers
• Underhung 5.75” 5.75” with copper capped voice coil / 12.7 cm (7.6 cm voice coil)
• 22mm / .86” Fabric dome with wide dispersion characteristics
• Slim, shallow design with full range, deep bass capability
• Closely grouped inputs and wire channel management for a clean, simple connection
• Robust yet simple to use, nonresonant wall mount bracket included.
• Sound isolating, adhesive backed feet included for furniture or mantle placement options
• Available in white and black satin finishes
• Matching magnetic grilles included
• Average efficiency of 90dB and a 6ohm load make it easy to drive and viable option for any system.
• Phase consistent from any position or location ensures ease of placement anywhere in the room.

The Tribe Duo is available now with an MSRP of $1,599.00 USD.
The Tribe Trio is available now with an MSRP of $2500.00 USD.


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