KIN IC Slim series deliver the celebrated Totem characteristics of enormous dispersion and powerful proficiency in the convenient proportions required for space challenged applications. Models are 25% slimmer than KIN IC and feature aimable ceramic coated tweeters and carbon fiber woofers.


KIN IC series perfectly combines Totem’s legendary performance with comprehensive versatility. Proprietary MHEX woofers, ceramic tweeters, and a unique Low Volume Intelligibility switch endow Totem’s renowned acoustic ability. Corrosion resistant hardware, reinforced framework, and three fundamental accessories ensure capability for virtually every indoor and outdoor application.

KIN Architectural

KIN Architectural provides bold high performance in a stealthy fashion. Each model features an array of advanced proprietary technology including MHEX woofers, Metal Amalgamation Compound passive radiators, and 1” Titanium Infused Soft Dome tweeters. This technology is housed within integrated back boxes for consistent, superior performance while providing thorough sound isolation. Steel buttressed framework with convenient screw cutouts handle the toughest, most challenging situations.

Tribe Architectural

Tribe Architectural is Totem’s premier custom series and is equipped with our most advanced, state of the art technology. Each model unfolds Totem’s legendary imaging and full-range musicality with majestic and awe-inspiring sound. Tribe Architectural is thoroughly equipped with interrelated proprietary Totem technology including Neodymium Actuated Enriched MHEX woofers, MAC passive radiators and Oversized Silk Dome tweeters housed in sealed wood back boxes. Meticulously crafted in Canada, Tribe present perfect sound staging and phase correctness for an emotion-filled experience.