Taiwan loves the Tribe Tower

AudioArt, one of Asia’s premier publications out of Taiwan, sincerely appreciates the audio art of the Tribe Tower.

“Appreciate all its potential. For home speakers, the people have made it clear that the two main features they desire most is versatility and versatility. Not just to excel with a wide range of music, but how it integrates into the home. Few companies truly consider how to combine the two and make their speakers look and sound beautiful, let alone offer such tremendous value. The unimposing floor-standing footprint of the Tribe Tower is actually similar in size as a bookshelf speaker on a stand, but it’s low frequency extension goes all the way down to 30 Hz, far past the ability any bookshelf. Audio fans, there is endless potential with the Tribe Tower.

If you haven’t heard it, audition the Tribe Tower at your local dealer today.


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