KIN IW8 Slim

Un mur de son


La moins profond de toutes les enceintes architecturales Totem s’adapte sans effort dans les replis les plus serrés des structures de construction standard, pour les transformer en véritables murs de sensation sonore signés Totem.

Tous les modèles de la série proposent des haut-parleurs d’aiguës en céramique et des haut-parleurs de graves en fibre de carbone. Le haut-parleur de graves de 8 po de la IW8 s’allie en toute transparence avec un haut-parleur d’aiguës de 1 po.

La dispersion sonore incomparable des enceintes Totem remplira tout l’espace d’écoute de telle sorte que n’importe quel emplacement de la pièce sera une emplacement de choix. Ces enceintes se combinent en toute transparence avec n’importe quelle autre enceinte Totem pour composer un système multicanal omniprésent, selon la combinaison de votre choix.

Découvrez votre Kin Architectural et enrichissez vos expériences musicales.

Accessoires Optionnels

PCK W8: Les trousses de préconstruction facilitent l’installation avant que la cloison sèche ait été mise en place.


Design Highlights

  • Totem’s unique holographic voicing and superior on-and off-axis performance
  • High-strength, easy deployment dogs permit simple and solid installation
  • Paintable neodymium-activated stainless-steel grills
  • Shallow profile
  • Intermeshes with every Totem traditional speaker

Technical Features

  • Customized Carbon Fiber woofers
  • Ceramic tweeters
  • Pivoting tweeter faceplate
  • High efficiency
  • Gold-plated terminals

Specifications – KIN IW8 Slim

Design: Slim 8″ In-Wall
Frequency Response: 48 Hz – 25 kHz
Recommended Power: 10-125w
Woofer: 8″ Carbon Fiber
Tweeter: 1″ Ceramic Dome
Impedance: 8 ohm
Sensitivity (dB @1W-1M): 91dB
Dimensions (w x h x d): 264 x 364 x 102mm / 10.39 x 14.33 x 4.01″
Cutout: 225 x 328mm / 8.85 x 12.75″
Grille Type: magnetic, paintable, virtually bezel-less white metal
Accessories / Options: Pre-construction brackets
Speaker Terminals: Spring loaded Gold Plated
Weight: 4.6lb / 2.08kg

Enormous Dispersion

KIN IC diffuse sound in an enormously wide, expansive manner comparable to a flood light and illuminate a room with Totem’s holographic sound whereas most others function like a focused, narrow spotlight, creating small acoustic “hot spots”. The dispersion is almost twice that of competitive speakers, so it takes fewer Totem speakers to thoroughly fill a room, and listeners enjoy the same sound whether seated or standing.

Slim Profile

This series of 5 in-wall, in-ceiling, and angled in ceiling speakers have a mounting depth that is 25% shallower than comparable KIN IC models. The remarkable shallowness ensures KIN IC Slim can fit wherever sound is required.

Carbon Fiber Woofers

The pure polymer impregnated carbon weave is very stiff so it maintains its perfect shape through punishing bass output. It is also incredibly light so it reacts instantaneously. Coupled to a high compliance rubber suspension, the cone motion is controlled for the best possible transient response and clarity. The overall result is thunderous, fast, tight bass.

Ceramic Dome Tweeters in Pivoting Faceplate

An aluminum dome receives a ceramic coating to greatly improve the stiffness and damping characteristics over traditional metal domes. This procedure moves the natural resonance out to 25kHz, well past our hearing ability, for the clearest, distortion-free sound. The faceplate is pivotable to allow the directional high frequencies to be aimed at the listening area.