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The IC82 is Totem’s premium 8” in-ceiling speaker in the KIN Architectural IC series.

The refinement of the IC82 expresses Totem’s mission is to develop loudspeakers capable of producing an involving performance that is true to the artist’s intention. They energize the area in manner that faithfully recreates the intimate moment and space of the original recording, yet disappear into the environment.

Exclusive MHEX Phenolic Honeycomb Woven Hybrid woofers in cast baskets synergize perfectly with customized ceramic dome tweeters to provide our characteristic phase linearity and unmatched realism. Dynamics are maintained at any listening level for all acoustic preferences or applications, from a high-powered home theater to low level ambient music.

Kin Architectural models have stainless steel, magnetic grilles and hardware so they’re weather resistant and ready for the outdoors under covered areas and soffits with the use of the optional Acoustic Back Can.

Discover your Kin Architectural and expand your musical experiences.

Optional Accessories

  • PCK8: Pre-construction kits facilitate installation before drywall has been installed.
  • ABC8: Acoustic Back Cans reduce sound from penetrating adjacent rooms, protects the components from damage causing materials, and improves the weather resistance.
  • SGK8: Square Grille Kits permit cosmetic finishing touches to suit personal design tastes.


Design Highlights

  • High-torque, Nylon dogs which can accommodate double layers of drywall
  • 75-degree dispersion
  • Unified framework shield
  • Paintable neodymium-activated stainless-steel grills
  • Stainless steel, weather resistant hardware
  • Shallow profile

Technical Features

  • MHEX Phenolic Honeycomb Woven Hybrid woofer
  • Cast baskets and oversized components
  • 1” Ceramic coated aluminum dome tweeters
  • Low Volume Intelligibility equalization
  • Gold-plated terminals

Specifications – KIN IC82

Design: 8″ In-Ceiling with LVI equalization switch
Frequency Response: 38 Hz – 30 kHz
Recommended Power: 20-150 W
Woofer: 8” MHEX Phenolic Honeycomb Woven Hybrid woofer in die-cast basket
Tweeter: 1” Ceramic coated aluminum dome tweeter
Impedance: 8 ohm
Sensitivity  (dB @1W-1M): 91dB
Dimensions (w x h x d): 271 x 169.55mm
Cutout: 246.25mm
Grille Type: magnetic, paintable, virtually bezel-less white metal
Accessories / Options: Pre-construction brackets, square grilles, acoustic back can
Speaker Terminals: Spring loaded Gold Plated
Weight: 5.65lb / 2.56kg

Enormous Dispersion

KIN IC diffuse sound in an enormously wide, expansive manner comparable to a flood light and illuminate a room with Totem’s holographic sound whereas most others function like a focused, narrow spotlight, creating small acoustic “hot spots”.  The dispersion is almost twice that of competitive speakers, so it takes fewer Totem speakers to thoroughly fill a room, and listeners enjoy the same sound whether seated or standing.

User Adjustments

Low Volume Intelligibility Switch

This feature fine tunes the output at low listening levels to improve the clarity of vocals and maintain bass response normally lost at minimal volume.

Pivoting Tweeter Faceplate

Allows you to aim the more directional high frequencies towards the listening area for better overall clarity in challenging placement situations.

Construction / Ease of Installation

Stainless Steel Hardware

Stainless steel hardware and grilles resist corrosion and make KIN suitable for indoor high humidity applications like bathrooms and saunas, and even somewhat protected outdoor applications like soffits and gazebos.

Unified Framework Shield

A ribbed, connected cover protects the speaker from material within walls and ceilings during the installation process and reinforces the rigidity of the integral framework to eliminate resonance.

Heavy Duty Dog Ears

This dog ear system means the speaker installs smoothly, quickly, and easily in any situation. The robust clamping mechanism and drywall gripping teeth provides a rigidity that improves midrange accuracy and bass response.

MHEX Woofer In Die-cast Baskets

Multiple layers of phenolic honeycomb and woven synthetics are extremely rigid, have sensational transient capabilities, and a pure, flat response in the critical 100Hz to 2.5kHz range.   Cast frames are tremendously strong, resistant to distortion causing resonances, and the open framework design allows larger spiders and voice coils to be implemented.   The result is high power handling and formidable bass.

1” Ceramic Coated Aluminum Dome Tweeters

An aluminum dome receives a ceramic coating that greatly improves the stiffness and damping characteristics compared to traditional metal domes. This takes the resonances out to 30kHz and past our hearing ability for the most natural, distortion-free sound.  It’s also resistant to moisture, sunlight, and extreme temperatures, making the speakers very versatile and suitable to almost any application.