KIN Architectural IW

Here, there, and everywhere

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It’s a compact and convenient center channel.  It’s a perfectly proportioned pair of potent primary channels.  It’s a superb sounding satellite for surround systems.  Whatever you need, the KIN IW is it, and it will step up and deliver with powerful precision and astounding accuracy.

KIN Architectural IW was conceived to be ultra-flexible, ultra-compact, and ultra-capable. This kind of practical versatility requires equally remarkable technology.  KIN IW develops tuneful depth with the extraordinary MHEX woofers, and authentic, airy highs with our soft dome, titanium infused tweeters.

KIN IW inspires its own installation to bring Totem sound to every silent room throughout a house.  Whatever manner you fit KIN IW into your space they will bring your music to life, immerse you into the game, or transport you to the scene. Here, there, and everywhere.

Discover your Kin Architectural and expand your musical experiences.

Optional Accessories

Pre-construction kits facilitate installation before drywall has been installed.


USD $1,000.00 / Each

Design Highlights

  • Excels as a main, center, or surround speaker
  • Robust steel buttressed framework handles the toughest installations
  • Screw cutouts in the framework for flush-to-stud installations where clamps cannot deploy
  • Dozens of magnets securely grip the grill preventing resonance and gaps
  • Rear-wire management channels

Technical Features

  • Integrated wood back box ensures reliable and superior performance
  • Shallow design and slim proportions easily fit the majority of ceiling cavities
  • Twin 4”/10.16cm MHEX Phenolic Honeycomb Woven Hybrid woofer in die-cast basket
  • High-torque angled wall clamps for an even structural tension


Design: Full back-boxed, high-performance loudspeaker
Frequency Response: 69 Hz – 25 kHz ± 3 dB
Recommended Power: 30 – 120 W
Woofer: Twin 4”/10.16cm MHEX Phenolic Honeycomb Woven Hybrid woofer in die-cast basket
Tweeter: 1”/2.54cm Titanium Infused Soft Dome
Impedance: 6 ohms
Sensitivity  dB @1W-1M 90 dB
Dimensions (w x h x d): 15.27″ x 7.09″ x 3.75″ / 388 x 180 x 95.25mm
Cutout 14.56″ x 6.37″ / 370 x 161.8mm
Grille type magnetic, paintable, virtually bezel-less white metal
accessories/options Pre-construction brackets
Speaker Terminals: 5 way gold plated

Integrated Wood Back Box

Consistency, protection, and sound isolation

Integrated back boxes ensure optimum performance regardless of the wall cavity size or content.  Wherever they are installed, they react as if the wall was custom made for them.  Metal, plastic,  or aluminum enclosures have inherent distortion issues that wood does not.  Back boxes also provide substantial sound isolation and protect against materials in the wall that can damage the drivers.

Enormous Dispersion  

Sound everywhere you want it

KIN Architectural diffuse sound in an enormously wide, expansive manner comparable to a flood light and illuminate a room with Totem’s holographic sound. Most others function like a focused, narrow spotlight, creating small acoustic “hot spots”.  The dispersion is almost twice that of competitive speakers, so it takes fewer Totem speakers to thoroughly fill a room, and listeners enjoy the same sound whether seated or standing.

MHEX Woofer In Cast Baskets  

Unique driver for an exceptional series

Multiple layers of phenolic honeycomb and woven synthetics are extremely rigid, have sensational transient capabilities, and a pure, flat response in the critical 100Hz to 2.5kHz range.   Cast frames are tremendously strong, resistant to distortion causing resonances, and the open framework design allows larger spiders and voice coils to be implemented.   The result is high power handling and formidable bass.

Titanium Infused Tweeters  

A winning combination  

The soft dome material exhibits characteristic smoothness while the added titanium element imparts highs that are detailed, airy, and extraordinarily lifelike.


Gold Plated Banana Plugs  

High conductivity gold plated connectors efficiently capture the incoming signal for superior speaker performance. They accommodate a variety of connection options such as bare wire, banana plugs, and spades.