Presenting the new Wind Design

Created with the most recent innovations in both acoustic engineering and finishing techniques, the Wind Design will make you soar sky high. The Wind Design distinguishes itself with a unique and luxurious multi-coat finish, its artistry, rakish stance and extravagance of colors. In addition, this series is marked by the Totem logo chiseled onto its unique, slanted and elongated front claw.

Since its inception, the Wind has been appreciated for its avant-garde styling and superior sonic architecture. Its complex cabinet geometry has masterfully made this dynamic, multi-driver speaker sound “Totem Great”.

Like a true Totem pole, showing many faces and telling a story, The Wind stands for flexibility and truly full-range expressiveness. A totally unique driver 3-way speaker system. The multiple midranges allow for an incredible amount of musically informative material to transpire in space with ease. The sound level possibilities of this large dynamic system also facilitate large and complex musical demonstrations.

Design and performance are brought forth in a flexible and manageable equilibrium. Its revolutionary cabinet design allows for true on and off axis point source imaging. The upper cabinet geometry allows for an uncluttered visual field blending exemplary imaging characteristics with unobtrusive placement possibilities.


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