High Praise from HiFi+

Rave reviews from around the world just keep coming for Tribe Tower, most recently from India’s HIFI+. Reviewers have consistently gushed over performance, and HIFI+ does as well, but what really stood out in this review was their recognition for its ease of placement and undemanding nature. These characteristics are vital in today’s world of open concept architecture and diminishing audiophile level amplifiers, and were as influential as acoustic aspects in the design goals. * “You can put them almost anywhere and with anything,”* or *“You practically need to have the speakers in separate rooms to break up the image”* summarize the reviewers feeling as powerfully as *“A precision, a clarity, and at times a sense of wonder,”* and *“A great sense of musical engagement and entertainment.” * This reviewer truly understood and appreciated all Tribe Tower has to offer sonically and stylistically.

If you haven’t heard Tribe Towers yet, get to your local Totem dealer to see and hear why they’re the choice of designers and audiophiles alike.


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