The new Forest Signature from Totem is the pure result of balanced engineering and passionate design. This ultra-performance columnar loudspeaker radiates superb musicality for both stereo and multi-channel listening.

The Forest Signature is at once a celebration and culmination of the Forest evolution. From its inception, the Forest became an enduring favorite amongst true audiophiles. Over the last 15 years it has undergone subtle sequential evolutionary changes and updates. But time makes leaps and bounds. The new Forest Signature is a transcendent upgrade in every aspect, from its critical components to final acoustic performance.

Designed to transcend time, the Forest Signature stands tall in the speaker realm. It offers unparalleled musicality and spatial imaging while faithfully rendering subtleness and attack/decay harmonics.

The Forest Signature comes with a Polyester multi-coat lustrous finish on Rift Cherry veneer or Ribbon Stripe Mahogany veneer. The clear polyester finish gives the underlying wood veneers a lush, translucent dimensionality, exemplifying its singular status.

The cabinet versus floor decoupling is now accomplished via a black aluminum enameled Totem Skid Plate and Front Articulated Claw. This allows for substantial variable raking of the cabinet in relation to the floor’s perpendicularity. The variable rake angle of the Forest Signature allows for optimal bass loading and phase/space articulation. Its micro-machined Bi-Wired W.B.T. terminals are composed of robustly machined, black anodized and annealed aluminum back plate.

In conjunction with its adjustable rake angle, the Forest Signature’s crossover is customized with micro-precision to seamlessly maximize its overall architectural performance. Other premium features include superlative quality parts such as Clarity MR non-resonant capacitors, ESA and Super Audio variants, as well as Orange Drop bypasses, oxide/metal foil resistors and massive air-core inductors.

All Forest Signature woofers and tweeters are individually inspected, measured and tested using Totem’s own exceptional quality procedures. We firmly believe the Forest Signature is an absolute statement with excellent design and ideal audio performance.

Discover the new TOTEM KIN


Discover the new TOTEM KIN for a total In-Wall and In-Ceiling experience.
In store: January 2013

Totem is proud to introduce the new KIN SERIES. The runaway success of the TRIBE In-Wall and In-Ceiling proved beyond any doubt that emotional and musical sound could be achieved from enclosed architectural speakers. With the KIN, our challenge was to create an even more compact and affordable version that would keep on revolutionizing architectural sound applications.

To accomplish this high level scenario, advanced radical material and construction techniques were systematically tested, developed and further employed to achieve this lofty ambition. Using revolutionary materials that minimize crossover parts while maximizing the overall integrity and quality, the KIN is a true alternative for In-Wall/In-Ceiling solutions.

Made with interrelated proprietary woofers and tweeters, like the high-performance MHEX cone woofers and the hyper extending dome tweeters, the KIN offers accurate sound staging phase correctness.

In conjunction with the TRIBE In Wall/In Room Subwoofers The KIN is capable of outperforming pricy freestanding speakers. Fit for any musical genre, the KIN’s sound precision and full spectrum projection, allows for a deeper emotional connection with the music. Designed to expand the musical experience, the new KIN is truly an authentic TOTEM speaker .

Features of the KIN
• All enclosed one-piece wood construction with high quality painted back box
• Steel buttressed front facade
• Streamlined lightweight architecture
• Ultra slim grill frame with super flat cushioned grill
• Outer rear dampening brace
• Rear-wire management channels and bi-wire gold-plated terminals
• High-torque TRIBE angled wall clamps for an even structural tension
• High-linear compliance, optimally tuned passive radiators incorporating Mica-loaded polypropylene Diaphragms. (For LCR and In-Ceiling)

• Twin 4-Inch high performance die cast aluminum frames woofers
• Multilayer MHEX cones with extreme non-resonant rigidity and structural strength
• Super light characteristics and huge transient capabilities
• Each single 4-inch cone can hold up to over 50 kg load
• MHEX cones are made of multiple layers of Phenolic Honeycomb and woven synthetics
• Pure Flat frequency response in critical 100 to 2.5 kHz

• 20 mm (3/4 inch)soft dome with high excursion capabilities
• Absolutely linear (flat) and articulate to an extreme 40 kHz
• Chambered, neodymium activated
• Super low 750 Hz resonance frequency

• Minimum usage of crossover parts
• Extreme quality, ½ pound (225 g) Litz Copper Air Core Coil Woofer Inductor
• PP Foil Capacitor with Sterling Silver Leads to tweeter
• Revolutionary absence of any resistor in the KIN crossover circuit
• Easy impedance 6 ohm load (8 ohm in woofer range)

KIN In-Wall (LCR)
Width: 6” (152 mm)
Height: 25 3/8“ (648 mm)
Depth: 3 ¾“ (95 mm)
Frequency Response: 67 Hz - 40 kHz ± 3 dB
Efficiency: 91 dB

KIN In-Ceiling
Width: 12 7/8” (325 mm)
Height: 12 7/8” (325 mm)
Depth: 4 ¾“ (120.5 mm)
Frequency Response: 65 Hz - 40 kHz ± 3 dB
Efficiency: 92 dB

KIN Side/Center In-Wall
Width: 6” (152 mm)
Height: 14 1/8” (359 mm)
Depth: 3 ¾“ (95 mm)
Frequency Response: 80 Hz - 40 kHz ± 3 dB
Efficiency: 89 dB

Introducing the Element Series


The new Totem Element Series expresses perfect balance between form, function, art and technology. Streamlined for any musical genre, it conveys conviction, honesty and ease while offering enormous scale and presence. Revolutionary in its conception, the Element Series is a true evolutionary step in sound design.

The Element Series presents powerful elemental combinations. In nature, five vital elements interact cyclically: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Just as they form intriguing inter-relationships with one another, this new Totem Element Series sets the pace.

Design features
• Unique architectural design and geometric conception
• Stunning multi-angled chassis
• Available in gleaming, luxurious, 4-coat polyester finishes
• Custom designed & machined aluminum terminal back plates
• Variably adjustable “center front claw”

Technical features
• 7-inch Torrent™ hand-assembled drivers
• Fabulous platinum W.B.T. connectors (bi-wireable)
• Revolutionary magnetic field technology
• No active or passive cross-over parts in the woofer section
• Fully rear-damped 7-inch cone

Introducing the Tribe Sub


Discover the most innovative subwoofer ever. Period. With its sleek design and dazzling performance, the TribeSub is filled with inner power. Astonishingly high output levels and low frequency spectrum make the TribeSub awe-inspiring.

Ultra-flexible, the TribeSub can be used in any direction, horizontal, vertical, straight or flat. This on-wall beauty comes fully equipped with a stand to move it around and absorbent back feet to lay it on its back. It can even be slipped under the couch.

Design features
• Advanced design for simplicity of usage
• Vertical or horizontal on-wall mounting
• Ultra-flexible positioning for optimal sound-effect
• Available in white, black and Design multicoated polyester finishes

Technical features
• 2 ballistic carbon-fiber 8 Inch active woofers
• Comes with external 500 Watt Totem/Bash
• Each amplifier can operate 2 sub modules
• Cloth magnetic grill, stand & hardware included
• Supported by 6 super-absorbent back-feet

Totem's presence at the Salon Son & Images last March was a great sounding success.


Read what Doug Schneider from SOUNDSTAGE NETWORK had to say about it.

"The company I want to recognize is Totem Acoustic for once again creating an exceptional-looking display that was a joy to visit (their display at last year's CEDIA Expo in Atlanta was amazing as well). I must have stopped by this massive display at least a dozen times to look at all the pieces that make it up. In my opinion, the people in Totem's marketing department should be given high praise (and perhaps raises) for taking such bold steps to create displays that are bright, colorful, and interesting. They're also making an impact with their print ads and marketing literature by the unique and effective way they're using people in them, a move that I think will have other companies imitating Totem in the months and years to come. When it comes to presentation, Totem is a trendsetter."
Doug Schneider

Read the whole article

Introducing an on-wall evolution: the TRIBE V


To expand on the Tribe III’s phenomenal success, Totem is introducing the Tribe V, the next evolutionary step toward on-wall perfection. Featuring the Totem’s Torrent driver, the Tribe V provides the highest caliber on-wall performance available.

The Tribe V powerful drivers provide energy, quickness, bass and articulation beyond anything made. New compact high efficiency exotic alloy tweeter with 3/8-inch thick aluminum faceplate completes the equation. Its 8-ohm easy impedance load along with its earth shattering resolution and wickedly deep and tight bass (down to low 30’s) will make the Tribe V the ultimate center unit and the world’s finest architectural speaker.

Design features
• Vertical or horizontal on-wall mounting
• Magnetic grill included
• Comes in design finish

Technical features
• 4 Totem Torrent drivers per unit
• High efficiency tweeters with aluminum faceplate
• 8 ohm impedance load

Presenting the new Wind Design


Created with the most recent innovations in both acoustic engineering and finishing techniques, the Wind Design will make you soar sky high. The Wind Design distinguishes itself with a unique and luxurious multi-coat finish, its artistry, rakish stance and extravagance of colors. In addition, this series is marked by the Totem logo chiseled onto its unique, slanted and elongated front claw.

Since its inception, the Wind has been appreciated for its avant-garde styling and superior sonic architecture. Its complex cabinet geometry has masterfully made this dynamic, multi-driver speaker sound "Totem Great".

Like a true Totem pole, showing many faces and telling a story, The Wind stands for flexibility and truly full-range expressiveness. A totally unique driver 3-way speaker system. The multiple midranges allow for an incredible amount of musically informative material to transpire in space with ease. The sound level possibilities of this large dynamic system also facilitate large and complex musical demonstrations.

Design and performance are brought forth in a flexible and manageable equilibrium. Its revolutionary cabinet design allows for true on and off axis point source imaging. The upper cabinet geometry allows for an uncluttered visual field blending exemplary imaging characteristics with unobtrusive placement possibilities.

Tribe Sub In-Wall


Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Tribe Series and immerse the listener in a totally realistic 3D sonic experience, the Tribe In-Wall Sub redefines exactness, speed and musicality. For easy use under any conditions, the Tribe In-Wall Sub performs with astonishing presence, no matter the size of your space.

Tribe In-Wall


The all-enclosed, meticulously crafted and astonishing Tribe In-Wall speakers unfold Totem’s legendary imaging, off-axis performance and full-range musicality with majestic and awe-inspiring sound. They completely redefine in-wall/in-ceiling performance and imaging standards.