Bison Center

The Bison Center is a center channel speaker made entirely in Canada. It provides tremendous articulation, rhythm, and dynamics that bring lifelike vibrancy to multi-channel audio systems. Its [...]


KIN Play Tower

More power. More connectivity. More functionality. KIN Play Tower provides more of all the coveted qualities that contributed to the remarkable success of the award-winning KIN Play series. [...]

Bison Tower

The made-in-Canada Bison Tower is an easy listening, musically captivating speaker that creates a stunning listening environment, filled with spatial cues, extended harmonics and a full-scale [...]


The IC82 is Totem’s premium 8” in-ceiling speaker in the KIN Architectural IC series. The refinement of the IC82 expresses Totem’s mission is to develop loudspeakers capable of producing an [...]

KIN IW8 Slim

The shallowest of all Totem Architectural speakers fit effortlessly into the tight confines of standard construction framework, transforming them into walls of sensational Totem [...]