Brilliant Little Speaker

Brilliant Little Speaker

There is little mystery to the conclusion of the Totem Skylight review when the piece is titled “The brilliant little speaker that could.”  It is effusive in praise from beginning to end, starting with the reviewer’s first impression of Totem decades ago to today’s review of the new Totem Skylight.

Totem made a powerful impression in the audio community with the launch of the legendary Model One over thirty years ago.  The moment carried such impact that the reviewer, Steve Guttenberg of Audiophiliac, remembers it in precise detail.  “It just connected the dots better.  Made me feel something I wasn’t getting from other small stand mount speakers,” he says.  “Reviewing the Skylight was déjà vu.”

The reviewer used an expansive selection of music played at various volumes.  “Totem Skylight was room filling and beautiful.  I was getting carried away into the groove of the music when I remembered I’m listening to a pair of small stand mount speakers.  The sound is so big.  There’s a substantial amount of Clean, precise, detailed bass, beyond my expectations. It was just stunning. They loved all levels of music. I’d call them volume agnostic.”

He also auditioned Totem Skylight in a variety of locations and appreciated that performance was always “really good and consistent.”  He marveled at the on and off axis response, noting that the speakers didn’t need to be angled inwards to create Skylight’s spacious and holographic soundstage.

Totem pays as careful attention to cosmetic detail as to performance, no matter how minute. The review noticed this, mentioning that “Even the grill is beautifully crafted.”

He summed up his audition by stating “Skylight let the magic happen.  This was a fun experience.  A winner.  Cherry on top, it’s not fussy and yet still has true high end credibility.”

We are confident you’ll feel the same way about Totem Skylight so audition it today.

Read the review here

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