Particularly Thrilling

Particularly Thrilling

The latest glowing review of the Skylight comes courtesy of the respected U.K. based publication hi-fi+.

Certain classic Totem characteristics are common to any and all reviews.  Our signature traits of developing bass that belies the cabinet size and a holographic soundstage that extends beyond the boundaries of the room are always thoroughly valued and extensively covered.  This review is no exception, but also takes a deeper dive to voice sincere appreciation for Skylight’s midrange clarity, coherence, and vocal intelligibility.

What made this review most noteworthy however was not the sonic impression but the emotional impression it made with the reviewer. The audition is described as a particularly thrilling experience, full of raw vitality, and generally genuinely beautiful.

We are as confident as the reviewer that Skylight will make the same impression on you. Audition it today.

Read the whole review here

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