Totem Reviews

The Magical Metal V2

AudioVideo Online from Russia has proclaimed the Element Metal V2 as the winner of its Editor’s Choice award. Any review featuring a Totem speaker equipped with our proprietary Torrent technology [...]

Particularly Thrilling

The latest glowing review of the Skylight comes courtesy of the respected U.K. based publication hi-fi+. Certain classic Totem characteristics are common to any and all reviews.  Our signature [...]

Superlatives for Skylight gave their newest reviewer the opportunity to review our Skylight.  His take had more superlatives than any review in recent memory. Performance was summarized as “Pure and [...]

Critical Acclaim for Skylight

Doug Schneider of Soundstage! HiFi visited the Totem office for a personal demonstration of the venerable Skylight. Our newest mini monitor never fails to captivate, and it did. “The Skylight’s [...]