Totem Launches New Website!

Totem Acoustic, manufacturer of loudspeakers that offer fashionable audio solutions, has launched a new equally stylish website to coincide with the launch of numerous new products at the CEDIA Expo [September 10-14, 2019 in Denver, Colorado]. In addition to a sleek, modern design, the new website will feature a simplified user interface to effortlessly locate products, accessories, and technical information. Visitors will also be offered deeper design insights, as well as access to an increased number of technical documents.

For over 30 years, Totem Acoustic has been at the forefront of loudspeaker designs that appeal to both music lovers and design conscious consumers, as well as interior designers and custom installers. Equally as important, Totem Acoustic has long been recognized for its creative marketing that connects the brand with a broad range of music loving consumers.

The new website stays true to Totem Acoustic’s exemplary design roots by offering bold new looks along with an upgraded interface that’s easy to navigate on all screen sizes: from mobile screens to large computer displays.

In addition to being able to download the specification sheet and manual for each product, visitors will also be given the chance to download CAD drawings for all architectural in-wall, in-ceiling and on-wall speakers.We invite you to explore the brand new website, along with all the newly launched products, and discover your kindred Totem speaker today!


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