Speakers for the Masses

The method in which music is delivered is just as important as the sound quality.  Audiophiles are happy to dedicate whatever space is required and connect premium electronics to attain their preferred performance level.  Minimalists who favor stark interior design prefer the stealthy approach of architectural speakers that are heard and not seen.   The masses want the KIN Play.

The reviewer was spellbound by KIN Play’s performance. “Initially the impression is one of an Audiophile sounding pair of speakers which meshes bass and treble perfectly. There is a sweet expressive treble too. Also an impressive soundstage. One very well recorded Radiohead track from my own Britpop playlist is recorded so well, I thought it was coming from my own system which is many thousands more in price.”

We are trusted to deliver the performance.  KIN’s mantra is simplicity, convenience, modern technology, and versatility.  The reviewer gets it. “These speakers transport all the beneficial aspects of traditional HiFi design and sound into this new-gen HiFi ideal of ‘one-box’ design affordability.  They make a case that Audiophile HiFi needs to broaden its reach, take a chill pill and get off its perch of equating doubling of prices to doubling performance and make HiFi for music and the masses. Products like these Totem’s do this well, and at this price you’d have to say only a staunch pessimist would have severe complaints. I wish more speaker firms like Totem would get on this journey of appealing to the masses. So many of them don’t. It’s where the market needs to go to broaden the Audiophile appeal.”

The extraordinary KIN Play delivers Totem’s renown performance in the medium that the masses desire.  Audition KIN Play today.

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