Powerful Presence and Outstanding Sound

While Totem is proudly Canadian, the generous appreciation is consistently global.  The latest admiration and praise come from Taiwan where Leo Yeh of My HiEnd online magazine reviewed the revered Forest Signature.

While an admirer of the performance and value of the original Forest, the significant upgrades in the crossover, finish, decoupling system, and even ports of the Signature version were lauded.

“The first thing I felt was that there was no barrier between the orchestra and me.  Sound was very direct, especially penetrating, and surprisingly explosive. Powerful presence and outstanding sound. It is hard to imagine that such a small pair of floorstanding speakers can produce the majestic power of a large orchestra but it does so with  control and detail intact, even at high listening levels.True neutrality without bias, rich details in the midrange and high frequencies with stable extension.  Forest Signature was equally adept at the portraying  both the grandly powerful and finely nuanced pieces.

Forest Signature has long been a pillar of the Totem portfolio and preferred choice of Totem connoisseurs.  Find out why and audition them today.

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