Nothing Short of Unearthly

England’s hi-fi+ were thoroughly enraptured by the appearance and performance of Totem’s new Element Fire V2 monitors.  The reviewer “was lovestruck by the shape of the Fire’s sexy tapering trapezoidal lines” and described the lacquer finish as “so luminescent it might as well be adorned in a diamond necklace.”  But this beauty is also a beast.  Fire V2 features an updated version of Totem’s revolutionary 7” Torrent woofer with an augmented magnetic structure that increases power handling and bass response, and a refined 1” alloy tweeter as the perfect high frequency counterpart.  The reviewer raved that it “transform(ed) my perceived boundaries of time, space, and soundstage,” summarizing the overall performance as “nothing short of unearthly,” and “worth every penny!”  Some say the English are politely reserved but they sure can heap effusive praise when properly inspired.


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