Holiday Gift Ideas!

There’s nothing better than a gift idea list to get you in the mood for the holidays! That’s why we’ve assembled a fun list of gifts we’d love to see under our own Christmas trees this holiday season. From affordable tech gifts to impressive Totem speakers, you’ll find something for just about everyone on our holiday shopping list.

Tidal, $9.99 + / month

There are a lot of streaming services available but our preferred choice is TIDAL.  Most streaming services compress files to speed the data transfer to your device but basically sacrifice part of the music information.  The detail that brings music to life is sacrificed. TIDAL offers two streaming plans — $19.99 a month for “HiFi” streaming and $9.99 a month for “Standard” streaming. The HiFi plan gives you CD-quality lossless and high-res streaming capabilities, while the Standard plan streams music at 320 kilobits-per-second (kbps), or about what most streaming services provide.  It’s a demonstrable difference and a worthy upgrade for music lovers who want to feel an intimate connection with their music.

Torus Power PowerBlock PB 10, $1,399

The first place many turn when trying to improve system performance is interconnects and speaker cable, but you should start with cleaning the main power feeding your system.  Torus enables high current delivery on an instantaneous basis, ensuring components are not starved for power.  This acoustically improves dynamics, imaging, and bass quality while video is sharper, with darker blacks for better contrast and brighter, lifelike colors.  Beyond performance is protection. Torus protects your equipment with superior surge protection to fully secure your equipment from damaging lightning strikes and power surges. Automatic voltage regulation means gear operates at optimal voltage to not only perform better but last longer.

Totem Acoustic Tribe Tower,  $5,300-5,800/pr, depending on finish

Conventional wisdom tells us beauty and power are doomed to mutual exclusivity.  But Totem Acoustic does not make conventional speakers, nor follow pre-existing beliefs.  The Tribe Tower disproves these old adages, presenting a slim, seductive form that belies its formidable, compelling ability.  Tribe Tower’s remarkable performance can be attributed to artisanal craftsmanship and multitudes of extraordinary engineering features, but most notably to the proprietary Torrent woofers.  They’re machined with a watchmaker’s perfectionism from exotic alloys individually magnetized to exacting parameters, and represent the perfect combination of power and precision. They musically energize a room and bring every sound to vivid, three-dimensional life, from the subtlest whisper to complex symphonies.  Available in black and white satin or premium Dusk and Ice multi coat polyester paint finishes.

Tile Sticker, $29.99 each

Tile, who have been helping us find our frustratingly misplaced goods with their trackers, have recently launched the versa-Tile Sticker. Small, waterproof, adhesive-backed, and equipped with a 3-year battery life, the Sticker can -and should- be attached to items like keys, phones, remotes, laptops, cameras, tools, and everything else we unfortunately misplace regularly.  Just attach it, download the app, and find your missing possessions.  It can even make your phone ring when on silent mode.

Google Home Mini, $49

Once you have one, you will not know how you ever lived without one.  For the tech savvy it can offer voice control to lights, thermostats, security systems, and over 1,000 smart devices from over 150 popular brands.  The uninitiated will first use the Google Assistant to ask questions normally answered by physically Googling on your preferred device.  But before long, Google Home Mini will be their alarm clock that advises the state of their commute, informs on the weather, or gives them the scores.  Sound quality for music is okay, but you can easily add it to a powered speaker like a KIN Play Mini to get the best of all worlds and combine cutting edge technology with premium performance.

Apple AirPods Pro Version Wireless Earbuds, $299

It’s hard to convince a die-hard Apple supporter to own anything other than Apple licenced products. They also buy the latest offerings almost instantly but if you have one in your life and need to buy them headphones, the Airpods Pros are no brainers. AirPods Pro were designed with an internal taper to conform to the shape of your ear while three sizes of flexible silicone tips  ensure a customised, comfortable fit.  A venting system also equalizes inner ear pressure to make it even more comfortable than competing in-ear designs.  AirPods Pro are the only in-ear headphones with Active Noise Cancellation that continuously adapts to the geometry of your ear and the fit of the ear tips. You have the choice to cancel out all ambient noise or hear a bit of the environment around you in Transparency Mode, which is likely the safest option if you’re out and about.

Roku Express Streaming Player, $40

Does anyone watch cable anymore?  With the popularity of streaming services making it almost obsolete, a good streaming player is a must and with all due respect to Apple, Roku does it best.  The Roku Express Streaming Player includes a very simple remote that has specific buttons for the most popular streaming services and connects easily with the provided high speed HDMI wire.  Once connected, a very intuitive menu helps you access 450,000+ movies and TV episodes across 4,500+ paid or free channels. You just might end up cutting your current cable services.

Totem Acoustic KIN Play Mini, $850

Enormous sound, loads of options, primed for everything you want to hear, watch, or Play. This is a peak into the future of speakers, an evolution in audio.  No amp required for this powered Bluetooth speaker, stream directly from your favorite device or connect any source you want right to it. KIN Play Mini is a compact version of the award-winning KIN Play and includes the same comprehensive feature set.  Analog and digital inputs, including a built-in phono preamplifier, means it’s ready for your computer, gaming console, smartphone, laptop, TV, turntable, or whatever else delivers your preferred media. A powerful 70-watt RMS per channel amplifier delivers party level output but maintains the same detail and richness at moderate levels should you want to respect your neighbors. Everything you need to get started is in the box, including an optical and mini jack cable in case you’re not streaming, isolation feet to improve tabletop performance, and a 17-key aluminum remote equipped with bass and treble controls to adjust the sound to your personal preference.  Choose from satin black or white finishes. or

Furbo, $199

Cutting edge technology isn’t limited to improving our lives but those of our pets as well, and Furbo might be the coolest example of this. Furbo is an interactive dog camera with a connected app that lets you see, talk, and even give treats to your dog when you’re away.  It was designed with input from over 5,000 vets and professional dog trainers, specifically with dog owners in mind, giving them the ability to check in on and even interact with their pet when they are away from home.  It’s equipped with two-way audio and 1080p HD video capability as well as infrared night vision and allows you to toss treats to your dog by pushing a button on the smartphone app.  If your pet can’t hear your voice, an indicator light changes color to attract your dog’s attention.  Sure, it might imply you have an obsessive compulsive disorder relating to your pet but who doesn’t?

KIN Amp/Monitor package, $1,300

The KIN Amp can drive a multitude of speakers to provide sensational sound, and  KIN Monitors can be connected to a collection of amps and play magnificently.  But when paired together the result is simply awesome.  The KIN Amp works in such perfect harmony with the KIN Monitor that you’d think they were designed for one another.  And you’d be right, they were.  They compliment each other physically and acoustically and together are far greater than the sum of the parts.  Speaking of parts, the KIN Amp/Monitor package comes with all the parts you’ll need to start enjoying your system immediately.  An optical wire, mini jack wire, two runs of speaker cable terminated with banana plugs, speaker isolation feet, and a remote are all included to ensure you can start enjoying the system immediately. or


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