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Mani-2 Signature

A true phenomenon

The Totem Mani-2 Signature was designed as a statement in pure musicality. With its properly focused true coherent energy, it’s a magical, ethereal and visceral listening experience. The Mani-2 Signature utilizes a unique push-pull/vented configuration where the inner and outer mid-woofer operate in exactly the same “extended” frequency range, resulting in a nearly distortion-free sound from the external driver. Accurate engineering, special double box configuration and truly superior quality materials and damping procedures have made this possible.

Mani-2 Signature is the culmination of several years of research into monitor-sized transducers and speakers. The aim was a speaker capable of both absolute sound staging and fine focus. We’ve reached our goal. The Mani-2 Signature project real, full-range, focalized sound that involves your whole being.

Design features

  • Compact and aesthetic design
  • Full-plane vertical cross bracing for increased rigidity
    and dampening
  • Unique push-pull/vented configuration
  • Wood veneer finishes for aesthetic appearance
  • Superior quality materials and damping procedures

Technical features

  • Unique 2-way, 3-driver unit
  • Multi-layer borosilicate damping
  • Lock mitered cabinet joints
  • Exclusive hard-wired crossover
  • Solid, twin pair WBT gold-plated terminals
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